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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alcheon Rang (Kim Alcheon)

Hm… this name became popular some time ago because of the Korean drama called The Great Queen Seon Deok (Seon Deok Yeo Wang). Greatly played by Korean actor Lee Seung-Hyo, managed to win many hearts of women, including myself.. ^_^

Alcheon - Lee Seung Hyo

In Samguk Segi (Romance of the Three Kingdom), Duke Kim Alcheon is the son of the Duke Hyeongong the seonggol, but because his mother was a jinggol so he was including jinggol too.(To be seonggol, we have touched both parents of seonggol or direct descendant of King).

After all seonggol died, including the Queen Jindeok who ascended the throne replace Queen Seondeok, the nobles felt that Duke Alcheon who was on position as sangdaedung (prime minister/chief of the court) to become the next king.

But, General Kim Yushin was more supportive Kim Chunchu, nephew of Queen Seondeok to become king. Plus, Duke Alcheon didn't want the throne. Therefore, the throne was given to Duke Chunchu with a degree King Muyeol. While Duke Alcheon changed his name from Kim Alcheon to So Alcheon to honour King Muyeol (Kim is the name of the royal family).

Duke Alcheon was the founder of the clan So.

Duke Al Cheon is a loyal person, firm hand rules, intelligent, and generous. He does not have the charisma of General Kim Yushin or the martial arts of Sangdaedeung Bidam, but he would never hesitate to defend the Queen to the death. History records that the Duke Alcheon was a faithful bodyguard of the Queen.

Cool Alcheon
↑appearance of Alcheon that stole my heart↑


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